Hazel Blears MP delighted at Appeal Inspector’s ruling to reject waste transfer centre planning application

Posted: 28 November 2011

Hazel Blears MP for Salford and Eccles has welcomed the Planning Inspector’s decision to dismiss the planning appeal by Anthony O’Connor & Sons Ltd for a waste transfer centre on Green Lane.

The planning application proposed the change of use of Nasmyth Business Centre on Green Lane, to a waste transfer centre with space for crushing and stockpiling crushed and un-crushed materials.

Local residents were up in arms about the proposals and Hazel Blears MP, together with Labour Councillor Lisa Stone, took up the case. The plans were rejected by the Council Planning Committee after which the developers appealed the decision. The Planning Inspectorate held a hearing at which Hazel submitted a written statement and provided evidence against the proposals.

Hazel said:

“I, along with the local residents, am delighted by the decision of the Planning Inspector to dismiss this appeal. The Inspector recognised that this area is no longer a place for heavy industry but has a different, brighter future with a mix of residential, tourism and employment uses.”

“This decision is important because it adds further weight to the campaign to ensure the waste incinerator plans for Green Lane are also rejected. But we won’t rest on our laurels and together with the Green Lane Campaign group and local residents we will continue to make the case against the Sky Properties plans which would do so much damage to the area.”

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