Online Gambling is the Largest of Britain’s Gambling Sectors

According to new figures released in November 2016 by the UK’s Gambling Commission, gambling online is now accounting for 33% of the total amount of all gambling in Britain. Statistics from the industry reveal that the period from April 2015 up to March 2016 saw online operators generating a Gross Gambling Yield of £4.5 billion, making the sector the biggest of Britain’s gambling sectors, followed by the National Lottery which generated £3.4 billion and high street betting shops which generated £3.3 billion. Traditional land based casinos lagged far behind, generating only £1 billion over the same period.

£2.6 billion of the total generated by online operators resulted from casino games, with another £1.6 billion being produced by betting.

The rest of the total was divided as follows:

·         £152 million resulting from betting exchanged

·         £153 million coming from online bingo

·         £26 million from pool betting


Amazingly, £1.8 billion was generated from online slot games alone.

The report also noted the following key points:

·         The total sum generated by the UK’s gambling industry came to £13.6 billion over the course of the year

·         The National Lottery shared £1.8 billion with good caused, 7.2% more than they gave the previous year

·         £208 million was raised in total for good causes via large society lotteries, and this represents an increase of 10.5% when compared to the previous year

·         As of September 2016, Britain has 8,709 betting shops – a decrease of 1.8% over the previous year

·         There was 0.4% fewer gaming machines in total by March 2016, bringing the total to 167,839

·         The total of B2 gaming machines nationwide had dropped to 34,883, a decrease of 0.9%

·         The total number of bingo premises nationwide in September 2016 has dropped by 4.3% to 575

·         Britain’s gambling industry employs 104,896 people, 1.5% fewer than during the previous year

James Green, the programme director of the Gambling Commission pointed out that these recent statistics reveal that the increase in online gambling has led to the industry overall taking an ever-more creative approach to the use of technology in order to engage more effectively with consumers. He also pointed out the need for operators to take an innovative approach towards ensuring the safety of online gambling for all consumers as the growth of the online sector continues apace.